[Image: Fu Wing-Fay demonstrating Wudang Sword]


What to look for in a good tai chi teacher

What is Tai Chi? What is Wudang?

Etymology of Wǔ (武)

Breathing in Tai Chi

Myths vs. Reality

Bagua Walking

Hook Hand

Sword Grip

Sword Dance


Fu style Liangyi

Bow Sim Mark & Li Tianji

Ode to a Pomegranate Flower

[Image: Bow Sim Mark demonstrating Yang Tai Chi Sword]


Yuen Clan

Zhou Xuan Yun

Iron Staff is Addictive

The Incomparable Maggie Newman

Why does Wang Zi-Ping sword look like Opera?

Tomisaburo Wakayama: Kabuki, Judo, and the creation of the Ultimate Badass

[Above: Bow Sim Mark demonstrating how a girl fights.]

Modern Martial Arts as Communication:
Game Theory, Information Theory and Performative Warfare